Monday, May 25, 2015

You Tube Posting!!

So, my computer saga continues.. . . . . . . .

Down here in Texas, we are enduring historic storms.  There has been continuous rain and the most spectacular thunder storms. Not to mention some are touching down in the back yard, or at least near to it, according to  weather dot com, that keeps sending out alerts "lightning Strike 0 miles WSW of you".   Where exactly is that?  Right, the back yard!!

Well it seems it did get  a little close to home and it took out my computer.  True we were without power for several hours after that shattering boom and blinding light (you could even see the trees move with the percussion, I think?  Might have been driving rain and wind? I was sure it was a tornado)?   Irregardless, my dear Mac became a victim of mother nature.  I am a good Mac Mom (I thought).  She had been securely plugged into "the best" surge protector according to the sales force at Best Buy,  and as soon as physically possible,  (with no power and frightened pets and children), we turned off the breaker and unplugged everything,   Of course the storm quickly moved on, I am sure to terrorize another family!    When I next got back to the video I was editing, my computer just did not want to turn on, and when it did, I was greeted by a black screen!!  Off to the computer doctor.  Never considered it was the storm, but it was.   Well, the computer docs have determined that my beloved MAC is now fit for duty and we are back in full swing.

So, without a pause, I finished the video, uploaded it to YouTube and it is now ready for your viewing pleasure.  Let me know what you think!!!
Part one.

 Part 2.

Part 3.

Finished canvas

With all the drama getting this finished and the steep learning curb, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am very pleased with the final results.  Hope you enjoy it too!!'

Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Journey Blooms and an Update

Well hello!!

I still have not been able to finish that video.  The darn computer is still in the hospital, ICU I do believe.  The latest verdict is a failing hard drive, fuses keep popping and now can't even muster enough energy to turn on.  We decided that this demise is untimely, so there will be a resuscitation effort, thus we are awaiting a new circuit board from Apple, then off to surgery for the overhall.  , After a good dusting and cleaning (D & C), new hard drive and circuit board, I will, hopefully, be up and going, ready to send the rest of the video to You Tube. Sorry for the medical humor, I just couldn't resist!!!

In the meantime, I have playing with the May Kit of the Month from Fun stampers Journey.  I am trying to be more responsible and make each kit in the same month I receive it.  I am hoping that I will not find a "stash of kits" when I next de-stash my craft room, or at least I hope not.  To be sure I won't be de-stashing this kit, LOL.  Bet you all know what I mean.  So here is May Kit of the month. There is a total of 7 cards all using the same stamp set.  I won't bother you with most of the details, but there are some interesting techniques I tried.

gold leaf and watercolors.
First card was a new technique I wanted to try.  I had purchased a kit from Indigo Blu for gold leafing.  So with kit in hand plus stamp, I gold leafed the image onto water color paper, Canson 140# cold press.  Then I used Aqua Noir water color markers, scribbled onto an acrylic block to color the flowers.  Seemed a bit dull.  Not what I was hoping for.  The flower receded into the background and the gold leafing did nothing to define the image.   Maybe a background wash?  So, I wet the paper and began to drop color onto the paper.  Still not right, so I  changed to a regular water color set, but still not enough "pop". I needed something vibrant and intense, but what?   Then I remembered having purchased some Brusho  crystals right before our move to Texas.  But where were they?  I scrounged around till I located them and sprinkled them onto the wet paper.  I started spritzing with water to get them moving.  Better, but I needed to enhance the shadow.  So  I added a little water to the Prussian Blue  crystals and made a dark ink like paint  to create  and define the shadows.    Finally it looked like I had imagined.  Now to get it onto a card.  I decided that a gold leaf layer would compliment the stamped image,  I applied a line of  liner tape to the edge of a scrap card stock and applied the gold leafing to the adhesive, burnishing it in well, then layers the two papers onto  huckleberry fusion card stock.  All that was needed to finish was a sentiment that I had  heat embossed with Ranger Platinum embossing powder and a little bit of silver thread.  Voila!!  Almost a one layer card!!!  Love how the Brusho crystals make it look like marbling.  I might try adding a gold vein in next time.....

The next 2 cards are very similar, layering and colors are basically the only difference.  Both were created with the Indigo Blu glue and gold leafing.  But the image was applied onto Neenah Solar White Cardstock and colored with Copic Markers.   The blue one was intended as a graduation card.  So using a stitched die, kept moving and  positioning, to create the "edge of a mortar board", Does not exactly look recognizable but it worked.  Ruined my die in the process.  Lesson:  make sure your die isn't sticking out of the edges as you crank!!! OOPS, Bent,  Oh well didn't use that end anyway.  

The sentiment was embossed with a clear powder over VersaFine Black Onyx ink.  Gold thread to simulate the end of tassels, a Starbucks Gift Card, Finished!!!

The yellow one was completed at the same time and added to my stash.  Used yellow family of copics and shaded with the cool greys.    Both of these cards were layered over gold Bazzil card stock.
The next 4 cards are my interpretation of the kits.  I used the papers provided and the papers from the kit.  the only exception was the purple and blue card.  I had ruined the first stamping, so decided to watercolor the flowers.  I did heat emboss all of the sentiments with Ranger Plantimum fine embossing powder, but otherwise they are almost identical to the Kit pictures.  Not Bad!!!!

Spectrum Water color Markers on Water Color Paper. 

I colored this with Momento Markers.  Used a Dove Blender to blend and then highlighted with Wink of Stella, black and clear.  
Copics and a little wink of Stella.

More Copic Coloring!!

Well until next time,
Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A latte for you Mixed Media Canvas: You Tube

Here is the first part of the Canvas Creation.  The final part will be posted as soon as my Computer returns from the Doctor.  Hopefully, I won't have to start over, LOL.
Let me know what you think about this video.  

This video was created for Flossy Scrapper, and all supplies are available through the on line store or locally at the shop in Joshua, Texas.

Final Project!!!

Read Blog Post about the process for more information.

Until later this week!!! Happy Crafting.  Josette

A Latte For You!! Finished!!!

Well I finished my canvases.  The first part of the video has been posted to You Tube, unfortunately, my dear MacPro decided to have a hissy fit and is at the computer doctor as I write,  awaiting the verdict as to whether the condition is terminal or nearly needing a fix.  I sure do hope it  is not terminal.  Photoshop was my demise last night.  I swear that thing is a memory hog and froze my beloved computer, all decked out in Vera Bradly to a grinding halt.  They no longer make a 17" MacPro and Vera no longer makes skins!!  Well there is no hope moaning, it is what it is, all things reduced to silence by techno seizure.  Well at least I have a camera and I would love to share my photographs of my finished canvases.  These have not been photo shopped, or enhanced in any way, since my Mac contains my only copy of Photoshop and I am too lazy to try and learn another program on a PC.

In the process of creating the videos, I made 2 full canvases and part of a third.  The second one is clearly better as I had the opportunity to correct what I thought could be improved upon, but both are worthy of becoming decorations.  My next task is to use the same idea and create a card, so stay tuned.!

The top canvas is the last one and the second canvas was created first.  They have the same layout, same colors, but slightly different sizing of the cups and coffee bean and a different sign.

I am quite proud of the coffee bag on the second canvas, looks like it is going to have the beans spilling out.  The First one is more true to the actual stamp

Here are close up of the signs.  These were created by applying foil over a chip board label that had chip board letters glued onto itl.  The letters were embossed, and then the item was textured using various tools..  Finally there was  layering of alcohol inks, Inca Gold and Rub and Buff   Looks like metal or maybe a distressed wooden sign.  

Also in these photos, there is a good close up of the "whip cream".  This was created by adding layers of different medium applied onto velum.  The first step was coloring the shadows with  water colored pencils and then the medium applied over. This is more apparent in the first photo (Latte).   The white Foam is created by using irIsisible Texture spray, not sprayed, but dabbed on allowing it to pool in the folds created when the vellum is wet.  There was a second medium applied, after the watercoloring that helped "fix" the folds and convolutions into place.  
I love Mixed Media Art and will making more of these whimsical canvases over the next few months..  Any suggestions as to theme? 
Don't forget all products are available at
 I am not sure how to link the You Tube video in this blog, but will post as a separate posting following this one.  Let me know what you think about the video.

Supplies Used
Prima Flowers for color theme: Bedtime Story
Acrylic Paint: White, light blue and turquoise, blended to match the Prima teal flower.
Ranger textrue Paste
Tim Holtz Stencil: Lace TH5034
Heidi Swapp Stencil: Stars and dots
Distress Stain Worn lipstick Peacock Feather
Distress Paint: Barn Door Spiced Marmalade Mustard Seed Wild Honey, left this out of the narration
Stamps: Stamper's Anonymous: Freshed Brewed Blue print Circle stamp for label on cup
Paper Kaiser Craft Hello Today 6 x 6 Vellum, cream or vanilla colored Scrap of Kelly Green Cardstock for straw
Plastic lid from Starbucks
Stickybacked canvas: Ranger
Ranger Black Archival Ink or Staz-on
Faber Castell Pitt Pens Assorted browns and greys, plus black
Prima: 3D Gloss Gel
Art Anthology: Sorbet Dimensional Paint (for first layer of whipped cream.
Ranger glossy Accents
Chipboard label or cut a label from chipboard
Chipboard alphabet
Ranger: Foil Sheets
Prima Water Color Pencils
Liquid Pearls: White Opal
Ranger Alcohol Inks, various colors
Inca Gold Gold, Silver, Copper and Black
Heidi Swapp: Gold color shine
IrResistTible: Texture Spray, Wedding Dress
Until next time, Happy Crafting!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Days, Some thoughts and a preview (again)

Well here we are at Mother's day weekend.  How does time fly.  I have been working on my video for Flossy Scrapper.  Not as easy as it seems.  Each canvas takes about 3 days.  Drying between layers works better for me than speed drying.  I needed to make 2, one to work out the process and the other one to be made during filming.  And a third one for all the times the camera stopped, or I got out of view at times.  I must say, this video is not going to win any awards, but it does get the job done.  It also gives me an appreciation for all those souls that make and regularly broadcast their creations on You Tube, You rock.  So in this blog post, I am showing a sneak picture of the finished and nearly finished canvases.  As soon as the video is uploaded to You Tube, I will post here as well.   Come back soon and check it out!!!

The one created in the video is even better.  But I will save that image for the next blog post.  The signs are interesting and I will include a close up as well.  I used chipboard that was die cut from a sizzix label die, chipboard letters were then glued onto this.  Then I covered the letters and label with foil tape, embossed the foil around the letters, added texture and finally colored.  While it is difficult to see in these photos, it has the appearance of an aged metal sign.  I will be taking photos with my "good camera" not my iphone for the postings that will accompany the video.  But thought you would like a preview of the final project. The final has gold highlights, glitter, pearlized steam.  None of which are evident in this photo, but wait for the next posting!!! 

I had  a revelation while editing the video.  I noticed with amazement,  how much my hands and the movement of my hands, reminded me of my mother.  At first it made me miss her and I was very sad that she not here.  But with  the sound off and with continually watching "me" make this canvas, over and over as I edited, that sadness was replaced by total amazement that we were so similar in our actions,  This lead to reviewing my life with my mom  and  I took a meandering trip through my memories,   I was able relive  all those times when I would watch her with her crafts or cooking dinner, or just being a mom..  It made me miss her,  partly made me sad that I lost sharing my "art" with her, but happy that I had those memories and grateful for the time we did have.  I know that she would be smiling, knowing that I enjoy crafting as much as she did.  Happy Mother's Day Mom, wish you were still here with us.  
s  So until next time, Happy Crafting!!!