Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Days, Some thoughts and a preview (again)

Well here we are at Mother's day weekend.  How does time fly.  I have been working on my video for Flossy Scrapper.  Not as easy as it seems.  Each canvas takes about 3 days.  Drying between layers works better for me than speed drying.  I needed to make 2, one to work out the process and the other one to be made during filming.  And a third one for all the times the camera stopped, or I got out of view at times.  I must say, this video is not going to win any awards, but it does get the job done.  It also gives me an appreciation for all those souls that make and regularly broadcast their creations on You Tube, You rock.  So in this blog post, I am showing a sneak picture of the finished and nearly finished canvases.  As soon as the video is uploaded to You Tube, I will post here as well.   Come back soon and check it out!!!

The one created in the video is even better.  But I will save that image for the next blog post.  The signs are interesting and I will include a close up as well.  I used chipboard that was die cut from a sizzix label die, chipboard letters were then glued onto this.  Then I covered the letters and label with foil tape, embossed the foil around the letters, added texture and finally colored.  While it is difficult to see in these photos, it has the appearance of an aged metal sign.  I will be taking photos with my "good camera" not my iphone for the postings that will accompany the video.  But thought you would like a preview of the final project. The final has gold highlights, glitter, pearlized steam.  None of which are evident in this photo, but wait for the next posting!!! 

I had  a revelation while editing the video.  I noticed with amazement,  how much my hands and the movement of my hands, reminded me of my mother.  At first it made me miss her and I was very sad that she not here.  But with  the sound off and with continually watching "me" make this canvas, over and over as I edited, that sadness was replaced by total amazement that we were so similar in our actions,  This lead to reviewing my life with my mom  and  I took a meandering trip through my memories,   I was able relive  all those times when I would watch her with her crafts or cooking dinner, or just being a mom..  It made me miss her,  partly made me sad that I lost sharing my "art" with her, but happy that I had those memories and grateful for the time we did have.  I know that she would be smiling, knowing that I enjoy crafting as much as she did.  Happy Mother's Day Mom, wish you were still here with us.  
s  So until next time, Happy Crafting!!!

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