Monday, October 30, 2017

Team You Tube Challenge.

Hello again.  This months challenge was to find a You Tube video on Club Scrap YouTube Channel and make a project from it.  Of course we needed to add our own flair.  There are many to chose from, but I spied this one:  Stacked Book Box Project.  Take a look.  A fabulous video and great project.

Before I start, lets get some housekeeping out of the way.  You should have arrived from  Debbie.  To start at the beginning, Click Here.

My Project:

The first box, while a different size, was made exactly like the video.  I am not very handy with wet glue, but played the video, followed each step, exactly.  Had a few goofs, but fixed easily and went together like a dream.  I was happy.

I started with a "real book", took the measurements and created my work sheet with all the measurements.  Once I had the pieces cut, I started on the assembly.

Step one
step 2
and so on, just like the video.
This step was almost my undoing.  I had not calculated the paper size correctly, but I pressed on and did some camo work.  Thanks to the washi tape from the kit and some extra paper.  

A ribbon helped with the camo as well, and a little charm.  This box I left plain.  I did not photograph the inside, but I have photos of box 2 and they are similar.  .

Box 2:
Took what I learned from book one, and moved away from wet glue to scor-tape and zyron.  Worked great.  But I needed to follow the assembly instructions and it helped to have a box finished.  

Once again I calculated my sizes, and cut paper and board.  Then I ran everything through the Zyron.

Trick with this technique, is you need to run the bone folder around the edges before removing the top sheet.  This breaks the adhesive at the edges and ensures better coverage.  Also all the papers and steps, need burnished well with the bone folder or a brayer. 

here they all are attached to the paper and score tape added to the flaps. corners are cut the same way.  I did remove the backing strips on the just the ends, while prepping the corners.  And proceeded as in the video, minus the glue.  
The inside covered.  Lovely!!

Finished the inside, just as  in the video.  But here I encountered a problem.  The glue moistens the paper and makes it easier to mold.  On the outside, when folded the paper pulled away and left a crack that showed the backerboard.  Fixed by adding a ribbon over the outside seam with score tape.  This was done on both sides.  Where the ribbon overlapped on the front, I added flowers.  The ends of the ribbon, on the bottom, is covered by the box.  I added the ribbon on the front of the box to give focal interest on the front but to also cover a seam.  
Another view.  

All that was left was to add some embellishments.  I added a few to the spines.  Decorated the top of the smaller box with flowers I made from Glassine paper and liquid sprays.  
A bow and done!!!.  These will be stacked and used as bedside decoration.  Love how they came out.

Well that is all for today.  Your next stop is Jennifer.

Happy Crafting,


  1. This is such a wonderful project and love your colors and decoration!

  2. Wonderful boxes! I LOVED that project - it was so much fun and your boxes are spectacular! I love how you mixed prints and added the flowers & ribbon. Very pretty versions of a great project!

  3. I've always loved these boxes, so great choice for your project. Our Bookbinding Glue really is the "secret weapon" to wrapping the book board elements, as long as you don't use too much, you'll get professional looking results--no cracking!

    I love the decorative elements you added, they make the boxes extra-special!

  4. Well done Josette! The mix of papers and little details really add to your personal touch to this project. I avoided wet glue for a long time until I watched a few of Tricia's bookbinding tutorials. BB glue will hold up forever! The flower embellie is GORGEOUS!

  5. This is one of my projects! Love those boxes and your special touches.

  6. Great boxes!!! And the flowers are gorgeous!
    The Leaf Studio

  7. Great take on the staked book project-love your details.

  8. Gorgeous card, love the image and fabulous layout the colouring is stunning.
    clipping path