Monday, May 25, 2015

You Tube Posting!!

So, my computer saga continues.. . . . . . . .

Down here in Texas, we are enduring historic storms.  There has been continuous rain and the most spectacular thunder storms. Not to mention some are touching down in the back yard, or at least near to it, according to  weather dot com, that keeps sending out alerts "lightning Strike 0 miles WSW of you".   Where exactly is that?  Right, the back yard!!

Well it seems it did get  a little close to home and it took out my computer.  True we were without power for several hours after that shattering boom and blinding light (you could even see the trees move with the percussion, I think?  Might have been driving rain and wind? I was sure it was a tornado)?   Irregardless, my dear Mac became a victim of mother nature.  I am a good Mac Mom (I thought).  She had been securely plugged into "the best" surge protector according to the sales force at Best Buy,  and as soon as physically possible,  (with no power and frightened pets and children), we turned off the breaker and unplugged everything,   Of course the storm quickly moved on, I am sure to terrorize another family!    When I next got back to the video I was editing, my computer just did not want to turn on, and when it did, I was greeted by a black screen!!  Off to the computer doctor.  Never considered it was the storm, but it was.   Well, the computer docs have determined that my beloved MAC is now fit for duty and we are back in full swing.

So, without a pause, I finished the video, uploaded it to YouTube and it is now ready for your viewing pleasure.  Let me know what you think!!!
Part one.

 Part 2.

Part 3.

Finished canvas

With all the drama getting this finished and the steep learning curb, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am very pleased with the final results.  Hope you enjoy it too!!'

Happy Crafting,

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  1. This is what I know about surge protectors, they only protect for power surges from electricity such as when it goes off and on. They do not protect for lightning. Lightning is pure energy and can wipe out things through phone lines and electric lines. We try to always unplug electronics during a storm. How do I know...we've lost many.