Saturday, September 12, 2015

ColourArte YouTube Video is live

Good Morning;
My ColourArte YouTube Video is live and available for your viewing pleasure.  It is also available on my YouTube Channel as well.  If you are viewing this via email: click the link to go to my blog for the video. 

I would like to take the opportunity to discuss the technique and share some additional examples of how to use this technique.  Then watch the video to see the process in action.  Be sure to visit ColourArte for all your sparking mediums.   In the future I will explore more of the product line, but for now, the focus is on Twinkling H2O's,

Finished Project
This card appears very complicated, but in fact is simple.  Chose an image that you desire.  Any will work.  I have used this technique on Animals, Scenes, Florals and some times very simple stylized images.  Most of those are better with direct stamping, but sometimes, that process can be too iffy and this is a good substitute.

The floral image in the video was stamped with a water soluble ink, like distress and then colored in with a thick to medium consistency of H2O.  It should be the consistency of a very fluid acrylic paint but not as watery as ink.  Half and Half, perhaps.  You can vary the consistency for where you are applying and for how transparent or opaque you want the image.
Stamped image, ready for painting.  Note the pots of paint that have been spritzed with water, lined up
Once filled in, the next step is to apply ink.  I used a Copic Multi-liner .25 mm in black for all my inking.  I use a very light hand and try for "sketchiness".  I don't want a harsh line or to have the image appear to have been traced.  Nor do I want it to follow the stamped outlines.  This is how you get it to appear as an individualized art piece.

Here are two examples of this technique being used with different images.  Both are animals.  The dog was stamped, colored with copic markers, then the inking applied.  The Cats were done with water color and then inked.

Water Color and Inked. Double click to view up close

This image was colored with copic markers, Then inked using a Copic .5mm Multi-liner, finally highlighted with a white gel pen.

Water Colored Bird house using direct Stamping and then inking with the Paint and a fine brush

The final photo is also of a watercolor, but this was done with direct stamping using watery Twinkling H2O's.  After stamping and allowing to dry, the image was enhanced with a very fine liner brush and paint that had been thinned with water to the consistency of ink (whole milk).  All of the "inking" was done with a paintbrush.  Just another idea to enhance your stampings.

Watch the video to see the entire process.
Don't forget you can find your Twinkling H2o here:  ColourArte

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Stay tuned for more stamping tomorrow with a posting about Club Scrap and the new Kit.
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