Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wax Paper Technique and the Minc

Good Day!!  I have an amazing technique to share with you.  I am sure that many of you got caught up in the Minc-Foiling craze.  I know I did.  While I was talking to my sister last week, she commented on the Minc and seemed like a big investment for so little use.  How much foiling can you really do?  Then in the next breath she asked if I had tried waxed paper embossing.  I said I had but that I hated the rigamarole of getting out the iron, and then having to put it away, not to mention how many things I have ruined using said iron on my craft table.  And then the lightbulb went off!!!

So I went home, ran to my craft room and experimented!!!  Success and I must share it!!
So here goes.

So here is my card, and I bet you are wondering what is the big deal!!!  There is one, but this picture does not do the technique justice.  So lets see what I am so excited about.

Here are the backgrounds I created with this technique,  Too me they look like old leather and are rich and interesting, but perfectly flat and smooth.  So how did I do this?  I used the Minc.  The brown one is finished, the top one was before I removed the excess ink.

I started by embossing waxed paper in an embossing folder.

Then I sandwiched the waxed paper between two, 80# Neenah White Carsick and ran it through the Minc.

 Do not use the same carrier that you will be using to Foil in the future.  Took my large sheet and cut it in half.  One for foiling and the other for Whatever else!!!

Once removed from the Minc, it is very hard to tell which side is up, so be consistent in how you lay it down.

Apply ink.  I tried applying with Dauber and also by direct pad to paper.  It made little difference.  Just be sure and use a dry cloth to remove excess ink between each application.  I used several colors, a light hand and built up slowly.  When I decided I was done, I quit.  On several occasions, I went to far.  Distress Inks all work great, but all dye inks seemed to work the same.  I tried every brand I had including Chalk and they all worked well.   The advantage of using the Minc are : 1)Easy access.  It is out on my desk all plugged in.  2) I don't have to mess with the iron and finding a heat resistant area to use it.  3) Consistent transfer of the wax to my paper.  4) easy to ink as the wax is not bumpy or irregular. 5) No special paper required (glossy, coated, etc.)

Here are some close ups.  The card is an A2 size and was mounted on pink paper from the kit and stamped on Velum using Gold embossing powder.  The velum is held in place at the ends and the middle is free.  The flowers were created using Glassine.  Come back next week and see how I made them!!!  Join us for the Team Blog Hop on April 25 and also for the Club Scrap Blog Hop on April 27.

I hope you will explore other ways to use your Minc besides Foiling.  I will be showing another technique with the Minc during the Club Scrap Blog hop.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting,

Dahlia Kit, Greeting Stamp

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