Saturday, April 1, 2017

Interactive Card Tutorial: V-Fold


Finally I am going to post the Interactive Card I made with the Succulent Kit from Club Scrap.  The mechanism we will be using is the V-Fold.  This is one of the most basic of mechanisms but is very impressive in its final form.  Adding to this we will be using the Parallelogram from a previous posting to build up our Bouquet. This is the link to the previous posting dragonfly-wings-interactive-card-pop-up, but don't panic this is a very simple step.  Basically as trip of paper with tabs.

Are you ready, this is really simple, just looks complicated.

This is the basic mechanism.  A folded piece of card, with notches formed to create tabs.  The center fold is placed in the Gutter, center fold of card.  How far apart or rather how much angle is created when the tabs are glued, determine how upright or how laid down the mechanism will be.

So with this concept I created this:

In this model, the tabs are folded under, center fold is aligned at about 90 degrees. On the final, I glued the tabs outwards.   I have placed some parallelograms to get an idea of where I was heading.    I determined that this card will be 5X7" and created the card base accordingly.  When I create a card base, I leave the center open, this gives more room for movement and makes the fold less bulky.
A different view.  The measurements are not important, this was for a different idea that I scrapped.

Found this paper in the kit.  I am going to cut my mechanism for the far left image and actually will fussy cut it out.

Used the paper that I had cut the model mechanism out (above white piece), and used it as a window to determine placement.  Traced a faint line around the opening, and using this as a guide fussy cut the mechanism.  
Ignore the white box and succulent, focus on the mechanism.  The leaves were cut around and the bottom was scored to create the tabs.  This was glued down with the center fold on the gutter and tabs out.  
This the back view.  See how that fold is right along the gutter.  

I cut several succulents from another paper and these will be used to create the bouquet.  I also created several "muscles".
This is the work horse of this project.  Strips of strong card stock was cut at about 3/4" to 1 1/4" wide.     
This was varied based on size of the piece to be glued.  The tabs were scored and folded based on how far I need it to be from the base and how tall the piece was.  

One tab butts up to the fold.  

And is then attached to what ever it will move with.  The front of the tab is where the item is attached.  
and you just keep repeating this until you like it.

View of the side and finished opened.  The " Happy Birthday" sentiment was stamped and adhered to card base.  

Lets look at the flag:

Started out by cutting out the banner die on a piece of white card stock.
I arranged the stamp into the opening in the paper until I had a perfect fit.  One of the benefits to unmounted stamps is that they can be very easily manipulated in this manner. I use a glue by Club Scrap on the back of my stamps.  This gives me a great hold and the stamp will stay put until I peel it off my stamping device.  
My favorite mounting glue!!!  I even tear my mounted stamps apart and use this on them.  Saves space and I like it better!!

Back to my card:

Once the banner was stamped , mounted on a shadow mat, I glued it onto  a strip of paper.  My tag was mounted to one end, then I figured out where I could place it and attached it to the back of my mechanism.
The front where the tag is, is free and will move with the opening and closing of the card.  We are done.  Now for some additional pictures so you can get all the views (these are hard to photograph)

For the front:
I die cut the words, 3 times, glued them together and colored with wink of stella.  This gives a glimmer which isn't evident in the photo.  Then I arranged the left over succulents, cut a mat and added a bow.

Amazing that all those florals fit and fold inside this card.  It is relatively flat but bulky.  

Hope you enjoy,
Happy Crafting,