Monday, July 31, 2017

Club Scrap Team Challenge: Frames

Well Frames was the challenge.  We needed to stencil or stamp a frame as part of the challenge.  Well, I am a literal being, so frames I made, but first!!  You should have arrived from  Cheryl  or to start over, Click Here.

Well, lets start by looking at the finished projects, they are very easy to execute!!

Lets look at them one by one:

Card 1:
This is the simplest of the 3.  I used a stamp and stamped the frame. 
Here is stamped and cut out using a craft knife.  I colored it with Distress in Worn Lipstick.
This stamp was from "Boardwalk, June 2016".

All that was left was to finish it.  Using paper from this month's kit: "Vintage Botany" and the stamps from the same kit Attached everything to a white a2 card base.  The sentiment is from                         "Weathered Florals, 2013".  See how it bows in the middle.  Stamped and embossed and cut the tails, then using a pencil gently curled it, like curling ribbon.  The ends are held down by glue does, adding interest and dimension.  

Ok, Card 2:

This is my favorite.  I was after the image of a picture .  I think this worked.  

Ok,  The trick to doing all this straight integrated stamping is preparation.  I start with the stamp. 
Have I mentioned how much I love red rubber unmounted stamps, well I do.  For this reason, with a good sharp pair of scissors and I can make these babies do what ever I want, well almost, LOL.  

Anyway.  I cut right up to the stamp making sure straight.  Then using the grid lines on my stamp, placed the stamp onto the block.  All that is left is to use the grid lines and the edge of the paper for perfect stamping.

Now do thing I got this with the first go,  I have a can full of trials before I got this one, Im just saying sometimes it is worth the effort.  

Heat embossed in gold and using a trimmer, cut the outside down to finished size, and a craft knife for the center.  Inked the panel in Gather twigs.  To give the picture from look, I adhered acetate to the opening,  Added artwork from our last kit, "Vintage Botany".  The stamp for the frame came from."Sunflowers, 2016".  

Ok, sentiment.  
Started out with the sentiment, stamped in Black Versafine and the heat embossed in clear.  Used a circle die to get the "top line", scissors finished it off.  Joy was also stamped and embossed and cut with the same circle die.   This sentiment also came from "sunflowers, August 2016".

Here is another look and I'll go over the details.  After I used the angle of the corner to shape the "Just image".  Cut a mat out of gold card stock to back the circle.  The final touch was abalone buttons, stacked on top of each other and threaded through with a gold thread.  This was all placed onto a green card base, also from Vintage Botany.  Stunning I think!!!

Card 3, now this was a bit of a challenge and the final card needs redone, but the process is the important point here.  

Don't look too close, I will share the salient points and we both will learn from my errors.  

Ok, lets see.  

I knew what I wanted, but spent time playing with my stamps and drawing and inking until I had the lay out right.  Then I stamped the borders.  

I lightly penciled guidelines on my card base.  This was necessary as the  stamp is not straight and I needed a guide as to where to place the grids from my stamp base.

I stamped using a Copic Friendly ink, Momento in this case.   Next I penciled in roughly where my "bugs needed to be",  Stamped and drew in the remaining artwork..

Lovely!!  nice proportions, pleasing movement.  

Ok, but lets talk about where I messed up and when I redo this, will remember.  I should have done all my coloring and background blending before inking the fly lines.  Everything started to smear.  I redid the piece, with this in mind all was well, until I added the distress around the edges and dropped my ink dauber on the still wet bee.  Tried to fix it, and that is where we are.  OK, well somethings are not meant to be, but I needed this card, and I was out of time.  So I finished it.  I tried to cover up the "booboos" and ended up running the ink more and making more booboos.  But you get the idea, This is a lovely design and will be finished at another point in time.  
Here is a good view, no booboos in sight.    I use white to accent and give that folksy hand drawn impression.  The stamps do the work, you just need to add dots and scribbles to turn in into yours. 

The stamps used were :  lines from "Crewel and Unusual", February 2016. Bees, butterfly and plant, are from "Garden Shed", September, 2016.  The rest hand drawn with different liner pens. 

Just to let you know what else I did to this.  It was colored with Copics, Inked and blended background with Distress, in Broken China.  I used Wink of Stella on the bugs, as well as a shimmer pen. The dots of dimension are the Nuvo Crystal drops in white and clear,  This is what made my ink and my copics run.  Will not use them near a colored image in the future or least will spray a fine mist of acrylic sealer first.  I think I might also try collage medium and see if that works to prevent the bleed.  Not all of the inked lines bled, I used several different pens.  The one I know bled was my Sakura micro tip and sharpie brand.    The bow covers the biggest tragedy.  

The card base was a wood grain paper I had. I used Distress Ink in  Gathered twigs and scored to create look of paneling.  I was going for window view effect.  Overall, there needs to be more color.  Perhaps the frame needed to be darker or different.  Some pink or other color was needed to balance this out.  I think I will use a plant with flowers and see what that does.  But the point here is how to create your own artwork using stamps.  This is my favorite technique and one I don't often share.  Perhaps I should, at least the process is one I find rewarding, .. . . . . . . .  Your next stop is,  Jennifer

Until Next time, 
Happy Crafting.  


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