Friday, July 21, 2017

Foiling Continued

My last post for the blog hop explored many foiling techniques and I mentioned there was one I needed to play with more before sharing.  Well I did and I would like to share those final techniques in this post.  There are many more things that can be done with foiling, but I am focusing on general techniques and then we can explore in future post how to incorporate these into your projects.  Lets start with a photo or two.

This technique combines foil, glitter and die cuts.  Are you ready.

Lets us look at what we need first:
A die of some type.  In the examples I used a die from Hero Arts, .butterfly-confetti, Tim Holtz, paper-cut-bird- but any die will work with the technique, even single dies as we will see later.

Need a sheet of 2 sided adhesive;  Here is what I learned about this.  The first time I tried this, I did not have any sheets, just tape.  So I covered my paper with the wide taper.  But the line show.  I left it on my desk and worked around it, and the longer it sat and was moved or covered by "things" the more obvious the line became.  So I bought the sheets and repeated with stellar success.

The third and most important part is the backing sheet from "something".  I used the backing from a magnet sheet for my first try, then I moved to just using the backing from the sheet of double sided tape.  All that is left is glitter, foil and imagination.


I started out by die cutting the backing sheet.
applied the 2 sided tape to my card stock, removed the backing sheet and laid this over the sticky surface.  Burnished down with another piece of the backing sheet.. DONT TOUCH the sticky.

added white glitter or glitter of your choice, I used Elizabeth Craft, Warm Diamond Microfine.  and burnish in.

Carefully remove the mask.  This is the hardest part, just be patient and if you don't rip it, you can reuse.

OK, for the first example I started with the bird.

Be stingy with laying down the glitter and burnish it in as you go, don't remove the excess yet.

All that is left is to lay down foil, rub in hard and remove the sheet, repeat with different colors until all finished.  Then brush away the rest of the bird glitter, and add more white glitter the the whole card, burnish in, and finish your card.  Easy!!!

Lets look at the rest:
With this card no Foil.  I just used different colors of glitter and filled in the die cuts.  If you double click you can get a picketer and see how the mask is with the glitter. In this example.  I did not remove the mask first, just filled in the holes, burnished down, then removed mask and added white glitter.   I thought this was just too busy so. . . . . . . .

after removing the backing paper, I placed individual die cuts onto the sticky surface.  Added white glitter to the background and then removed the mask.

Then I applied foil to the butterflies.  See those "smudge dots" they were an accident.  Where I put my finger to hold down the foil while I burnished, left these dots.  I liked them so when I was done went back and added more.  This is why you have to use glitter after finishing.  The sticky surface is still slightly tacky when done.  That final glitter fixes that.  Also after cutting this down to size, the sides will be tacky.  I just dipped them in glitter and burnished but baby powder would work too.

All that was left was to make the cards.

All were matted with a gold paper that matched the butterfly tags in this month's Club Scrap Kit, Vintage Botany.  The butterfly cards were placed on A2 card bases.  The bird was matted in addition to the gold with the purple paper from this months kits and then onto a white card base.  Ribbon also came from Vintage Botany.

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