Friday, June 23, 2017

June Team Challenge at Club Scrap: Foiling Revisited.

Well this months challenge was to created a single layer card, plus photo from any kit.  OH MY!! One layer, get out your thinking cap, I sure had to.  After much thought I decided to focus on a technique that I love.  I did this as my first post with Club Scrap, never since, so with all the renewed interest in foiling of late, seemed a good opportunity to visit this again.  So for this challenge, I stuck with the basics.  For the blog hop I am going to explore other more interesting techniques for foiling, so stay tuned.  But before we dive in, lets make sure we know how we got here and how to start over. So, you should have arrived from:  Cheryl, or start over Click Here.

These cards are hard to photograph.  So, I took several pics of each one so you can get a better idea.  All were made with the same technique and from start to finish, had 12 card fronts in less than one hour.  All that was left was to attach them to card fronts.

So lets look at the technique and then the cards.

Supplies:  A laser printer, a laminator, foil and card stock.  I used digital images from Club Scrap June kit.  As far as the laminator, I used the MINC, but any laminator will work.  You need to play with the settings and might need a shim.  But the idea is the toner from the laser printer is melted to adhere the foil.  Simple, heat, pressure, voila, Magic.

Step one:   I always start by creating a toner sheet.  In my application that I used for drawing or photo editing and any word processing program, draw a rectangle the size of your paper, fill with black and print.  You now have a white sheet with a big black rectangle.  This will be used to "glue down the foil".

Step 2:  Print your images on White card stock with a laser printer.  That is all folks.

Step 3:  Run your foil and printed paper through the laminator.

I used an image, turned it into a stamp in photoshop, stamped to create a pattern and printed it.  Laminated with gold foil and got this.  In a previous post, I reviewed how to created stamps from digital images in photoshop  Digital Delight.

Step 4:

When I remove the foil from the card stock, I have this left.  I place this over that Toner sheet and now I have the reverse.

The black Toner sheet is showing through the holes that were left, and the remaining gold is covering the black toner.  Check out that shine.  You can see my reflection taking this photo!!!

That is all there is to it.  Your imagination is all that is left.  So lets look at the cards!!

Cut this down and made 2 white and 2 gold card from a single sheet of foiled cardstock.  Lovely.

Next set:  This was the printed cardstock, foiled in multiple colored foil by DecoArt. 

Several pics to capture the dimension and shine.

Then I took the left over and using the toner sheet 

First foiled the "left overs" then ran through with gold and created this.  This was ran through twice, once with the left over and then with gold foil.  

This is my favorite.  I used scraps of foil and covered the various starburst images.  Love that shine.  

Because I used scraps, I really did not have a "sheet" to place on the toner.  But was able to create this from the leftovers.

Simple and quick are these cards.  All one layer, a few with sentiments.  I made many others, but the photos just didn't work.  But you get the idea.  

At the blog hop, I am going to show you how to foil stamped images, so stay tuned.

Your next stop is:  Jennifer

Until next time 
Happy Crafting. 


  1. Oh my goodnes, what perfect stamping! I hjope my box arrives soon. You did a wonderful job on the challenge. Have to try this.

  2. These are FANTASTIC! I especially love the multicolored one. You should make a video because I would love to see how you did this!

  3. Love the foiled cards! Never played with foiling, but just might have to give it a try!

  4. How cool is this! Don't know much about foiling but I LOVE what you did!

  5. Ohhhhh super fun technique!! love it!!

  6. Awesome! I will definitely give this a try.

  7. Girl, in a million years I couldn't do this! They all look so professional!

  8. That's such a fun technique! I love them all!
    The Leaf Studio

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