Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Club Scrap Blog Hop: Pattern Play

Time for another blog hop!! Are you excited.  You should have arrived here from: Jennifer or if you want to go to the beginning, Click Here.

OK the kit for the month is Pattern Play.  To be honest I never got beyond the stamps.  They are fabulous and for the techniques I am going to share, they can't be beat!!

To continue our exploration of foiling, I tried several different methods and would like to share them with you.  This is where we move foiling away from the laminator onto the stamp table.  Are you ready.  Well here is just a glimpse of what is to come!!!

I tried 3 different glues and am going to share some surprising results.

Take glue and apply to stamp.  I used 3 different glues.  The first I tried was this one:

The second was Indie Glue: this one came with a gilding flake kit I bought years ago and

Mount It by Club Scrap.  Surprise!!  The same glue we use for our unmounted stamp is an amazing technique products.

For the Indie Glue and Mount it, I squeezed it onto a acrylic block and used a sponge applicator to apply to the stamp.  You have to work fast with all of them or you will glue your stamp to the paper.

Stamped it onto the paper.  I did this with several stamps and the 3 glues.  Let them dry and took care to clean my stamps well when finished.

For the foiled cards, I just placed the foil, shiny or colored side up and burnished with a bone folder.

I decided to play with my gilding flakes while I was at it and for several of the cards gilded them.  Did not photo this part as I was covered in flakes and glue and did not want to decorate my camera!!

That is all there is to it!!  Now lets look at the results.

These were the Nuvo Glue.  Very sketchy but nice.

This is the only Indie the worked out.  After several failures, I threw the bottle of glue out too!!

The biggest surprise was how well the Mount IT worked.

While still a bit sketchy, they are more solid, and the shine is marvelous!!  This worked so well, I inked up the stamps again with Mount It and using Gilding flakes, created this assortment.

Gorgeous !!! In person they are rich and with texture and interest.

So I needed to make these into cards:  I have a total of 12 fronts and chose only a few to finish.

For the mats: I tried several options.

Put down score tape around edges and placed the foil down and burnished.
Not my favorite technique as you can see the edges of the tape.

with card placed on top, not so noticeable.

Then, I repeated the same with wider taper and 
Added gilding flakes.  The rest of the cards I just cut gold mats:


More pics:

No sentiments.  These will be collected into a set and will be given as a notecard set.  Letting the owner write and use them for whatever need they may have, thank you, get well, etc.  

That is all there is to foiling folks.  There is one more technique I tried for this post, but it failed.  I need to work on it and will share in a future blog post.  After this we should be foiling masters!!

Your next stop on the hop is:  Cheryl

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Thanks Josete for all your experiments! They look awesome and no need for anything else on your cards. Not tried this...have to get some foil. Love it.

  2. Love that gilding with the wide tape. They are all superb. I'm not one to experiment...something about wasting materials and having grandmothers who lived through the Great Depression. I envy your ability to let things take you where they'll go!

  3. thanks for teh directions - can't wait to try!

  4. Enabler! I have been avoiding foil for years. Now I think I have to get some. Beautiful work.

  5. Absolutely beautiful cards and love the technique you used!

  6. Great techniques Josette! I wouldn't have thought to use Mount it, I love the sketchy effect.

  7. Well, what do you know, Mount It can be used for foiling too, BRILLIANT!! I think I might need to try this!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial and the artwork is amazing.

  8. Wow! Can't wait to try this - who new "Mount-it" was so versatile! THanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for experimenting for us! Love the new use for Mount-it! Sentiments aren't needed...these are stand-alone worthy!

  10. Wow, you're so talented at techniques! Even your experimenting is really brilliant!

  11. so pretty, glad you did the tests for us

  12. That looks like a fun technique! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh wow! Those are gorgeous!!!!!

  14. I really enjoy using foil, and have yet to find a perfect way of stamping with foils. Your projects are great!

  15. I like them very much! Thanks, Denise

  16. Great process, even greater notecards! Thanks, Denise

  17. I had NO IDEA you could use Mount It for gilding! Thanks for the head's I'm off to give it a try.

  18. Love everything shiny! =) These are awesome!
    Lilian DT teamie
    The Leaf Studio

  19. Your foiling is so cool! Love that technique!