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How to Make a Treasure Chest from Art Canvas

Good afternoon.  Today I have an amazing project.  This is a dual posting,  The video that shows the whole process is located on ColourArte YouTube Channel:  How to make a trunk from art canvas using Club Scraps December Kit: Navigation.  The final posting for this project will occur during the Team Challenge Hop,

This is the first time I combined two teams into one project.  The video goes through the entire process of creating this piece.  In this posting I will discuss some of the issues and share some "out takes", I think we all learn from mistakes.

I started with 2 art canvases, both 8 X 8 and 1" deep.  They were on sale and had some issues on the back.  I am thinking who buys a canvas and worries about the back.  Obviously I didn't when I bought them, so I had to do some "fixing".  Next time, check out the back and not just the front.  Oh well they were cheap!!
 I used several brands of flower dies.  I prefered the sizzix die as I could cut several layers of paper at once, but the blooms don't stack as neatly as the Spellbinder.  I used both on the project, but only demonstrated the process with the Spellbinder rose dies.  

The product that shines here is the Glassine.  This is an Idea-ology product but is also available at Michaels in their Reflection line.  Glassine is used for envelopes, and layering over art canvases.  Do a search, it amazing what can be found.  As a medium here, when inked or painted, and heated, it takes on the texture of wilted but dried flowers or leaves, leather, or parchment.  Rugged.  The more it is manipulated the softer it becomes.  Like a worn piece of leather as opposed to a new piece.  Following me here?
Whatever you add to it, you must heat it.  This liquifies the coating and allows the  pigment, ink or dye to saturate into the paper, then when it cools the layer is again on top.  The ink and paint will not dry or at least not for a long time if you do not heat it.  I forgot when I was making the Faux Leather, and even though I was using a pigment ink, it smeared and ran, until I heated it.  It worked out, but I wanted the images to show through, oh well, next time.  
Lets walk through the steps.  Again, you can watch the video and see it in the making, but you will miss my discussion of the process, LOL.   

I first made the flowers.  These had multiple layers of paint so would need extra drying time.  I was anticipating this project to be completed quickly, boy was I mistaken!!
DIE CUT: Layer and add a brad to center.  Scrunch the paper and unfold.
Using several different products, color the flower.  Heat set and let dry.  Repeat with the leaves.  I used ColorArte Products which are listed in the supply section.
 Here they are all finished and Dried.  The various dies produced different shapes and while they were colored with the same products, vary enough to give interest.
I colored a flower that was made from book paper, you can see how they compare.
The next step was to created the "Faux Leather" from Glassine

The Glassine was randomly stamped with multiple stamps using Archival ink.  I forgot to heat set, so the ink smeared and ruined the crisp images.  In the end it was fine.  I had intended to use the sheets whole rather than tearing them.  But this goof changed my plan.
Not dry but it has been heat set and is finished.  As I add more layers of colorant it will take on an even more distressed leather look.

Time for the Box.  I base coated the canvases with an acrylic paint.  I did not have the exact paint to match the paper in the kit, so I mixed two browns to get the right color.  Not thinking here, I covered it all up with paper.  I could have painted it purple and no one would know.  That would have saved me time, geez!!
Once painted, paper was torn and basically decoupage down.  I used a gel medium as I have better luck with how the finished project looks.  But anything to glue down the paper will work.
 Glassine and book paper was used to completely cover the canvases both inside and out.  Then more stamping in Archival was added.  After every product is added, the glassine was heated.  This prevented contamination of colors.  In the right upper corner, you can see that color has been added.  I was intending this to be the bottom and had tested that corner for color and how it would crackle.  

Several products were used to color the canvas.  ColourArte products, Gesso, and acrylic paint.  After this dried a crackle glaze was applied to the smooth areas and sides of the canvases.
Antiquing wax was then applied to both canvases, this allowed the crackles to show,plus give it a more aged appearance.  My idea was an old trunk that had had the leather peeled back to show the construction.  
Straps were created with Grunge board.  Using the antiquing wax, ColourArte Primary Pigments and Distress ink, the paper was transformed into "faux leather "straps. 
This was cut into strips, pierced and studded with brads, and finally glued to the "trunk".

In doing so I dropped hot glue onto one of the straps, when I pulled it lose, the top layer came off.  I had to come up with a way to cover that, so I added secondary straps.  These are buckles from the Idea-ology line.  I glued them down and then added another piece of grunge to cover the oops.
See that booboo, but I think the buckle added interest.

Added hinges to the front and back.  Because of my to glue accident, the bottom became the top.  Straps don't quite line up on the front, but this an old beat up trunk!
Added the flowers and ribbon to the front.  A little metal tag completes the picture.  The ribbon was dyed with the same greens and gold that were used to color the leaves.  

Next step, what to put on the inside of this box?  That will be revealed during the Team Challenge Hop on December 22, so come back and check it out. 

Happy Crafting,

                 Navigation Unmounted Rubber Stamps
ColourArte Products used:
Primary Elements:  Sunburst, Love Struck, Golden Jade, Ancient Coin, Burnt Umber
Radiant Rain:          Poppy, Jasper Red, Red Hot Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Butternut, 

Other products:  Archival ink: Black, Golden Gesso, Art Basic 3D Gloss Gel, DecoArt Crackle Glaze, Tombow Mono Adhesive, Americana Dark Chocolate acrylic, Liquitex Burnt Sienna acrylic, brads, seam tape. Hinges from Michaels.
Ranger:  Distress Inks; Ground Espresso and Black Soot, Kraft Glassine, Grunge Board, Glossy Accents, Idea-ology metal parts

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