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Team Challenge: The Treasure Inside the Box

The Treasure!!  A custom album.

Here we are for another Team Challenge Project.  You should have arrived here from:  Mayra

Earlier in the month I made this:Blog Post: Making of the Trunk
A video of the entire process can be viewed here:  Making of the Trunk

Now is the time to make something to go into the box.  This is suppose to be a challenge for a Christmas Gift (quick?) made from paper.  Whenever I need a quick gift, I turn to an album.  There are plenty of templates and patterns to make an album, but what if you need something a specific size.  How do you figure that out.  Well, let me show you.  But a warning, it is important to think through the entire process before starting, or like me, you will need to make 2 (or 3,4,5 of some parts because I wasn't thinking.  Even with all the redo's and restarts, both albums took me less than 2 hours each.  I have decided to give you the instructions for both.  The skill set is similar for both and if you understand the construction you can make whatever size you like.

Option 1:

It fits, it is beautiful.  Masculine (if I hadn't put the flowers on the  box front!  So what is the problem.  Well, I used a ring binder to attach my pages.  When the book is closed, the pages stick out too far.  If using the ring type binding system, the cover must be at least 2 inches longer than the pages, Duh, bet you knew that.  I did but somehow I just forgot!  This type of cover would have worked, but I needed to use a a different binding system on the inside.  Attaching a ring binder to the inside would be a good option.  But I had already attached the ring with rivets.  I will cut the ring off and fix it, but for now. . . . . . .

Let's see how to make it.  This is a good example to learn the dynamics of album making.

Start with the finished size (not what it should be but what I thought it should be, follow me).  Anyway, I had to use the opening in the box.  So I measured.  The inside was 5.75" square.

So my covers needed to be slightly smaller, I opted for 5.5" finished.  Actually cut the cardboard 1/16" smaller to allow for the paper thickness.

Cut 2 chipboard pieces to this size.  I sanded to make sure they were exact.  An emory board works well.  Often it is just a single layer of the paper that needs removed, or frayed fibers.  
Next,  I determined my depth.  In this case I was going to add a ring system and I needed clearance on both sides, so settled on 1.75 inches.  I measured the center of the binder clip and added a 1/2".  No matter what binding system you need, use the same formulae.

I am working on a grid mat, in this case it is glass, the grid helps with alignment.  After these are cut and sanded, I ran them through my Zyron.  That gives me a little extra hold.  I also run a line of ATG on the glass.
Be sure to burnish this down well to get all the adhesive stuck to the back.  When I am ready  I run the Zyron sheet over the edge of the table to remove my project and keep all that stickiness on the back.  

Next prepare the paper.  Plan here, measure twice, check twice and then cut.  Especially if using a directional paper.  I chose to continue with my Glassine theme.  The paper is 5 x 8 ", so i would need to figure out how to cover the middle.  

Lets, start with the glassine:
First I stamped it  using an Archival ink in Black, then heated with heat tool, scrunched and inked it with Distress inks and water.  Heated again!!  Very important with Glassine, heat to melt the coating and get the ink underneath it.  When it cools, the coating is on top and the inking trapped inside. 

I then marked where the Glassine would go on my book fronts and back.  Make sure that both are marked in exactly the same place.  Next I glued the pages down with a Gel Medium.
Notice that there is a good margin around the covers.  This paper all around the edges, will be folded to the other side.  Let dry and heat the glassine.  

Next I took the sueded paper that was included in the kit, and  figured out where it was going to be applied, measured the area, including overlap all around, and  die cut the edges to give them some interest.  If I had been using paper, I will sometimes, ink the edges.
This step determines the final outcome, go slow.  I work on glass because I am going to use my ATG to adhere these to the glass as I get them aligned.  I created a Jig from two pieced of the cardboard glued together.  The jig will provide the spacing. Start my aligning the left page on the grid.  Then add the center piece, space with cardboard jig.  ( I glued to glass mat), then do the same with the right page.  Make sure the spaces are even and tops and bottom aligned.  
Lay the prepared center paper and adhere to center.  The center is sticky from the Zyron, smooth into place.  Time for a deep breath and a snack.  Hard Part is over!!!!
Using the Jig (made from 2 pieces of the cardboard used for the covers that had been glued together), miter the corners. I just laid down  the jig and using an exacto knife trimmed off the corner.  A safer option is to draw it on and use scissors to trim (ask me how I know).  
Next apply Score-tape to the inside edges.
Try and get the tape close to the edges, use scissors to cut as you don't want to risk tearing or loosening the top layer of the chipboard.  
Fold over the edges and burnish into the score tape.  Do the long sides first, fold in little "tabs" at corner and finish folding over the short edges.  Dog ears are hard to get right without practice.  The Glassine helps as it is elastic, and Club Scrap paper is wonderful in that it molds well without cracking.  If yours aren't nice and neat, or cracks, just ink, no one will know.  Pounding the edges and the corners on the table, helps to make nice firm edges and will also break down those corners, making it easier to tuck in.  
Here is a photo of bending the paper before adhering it down.  I will also hit the edge on the table 2-3 times to get the paper tight against the edge.  Another reason for using the glass rather than a mat. 
Next step is to cover the insides.  Since this is longer than 12 inches, I needed to cover bother ends and then the center.
Measure, leave about 1/4 inch all around, cut and put score tape around all 4 sides, repeat for the Back cover.  
Remove scor-tape cover and attach to book front or back.  Gently bend the spine to start the creasing. Repeat for back cover.  To cover the Center, I cut a piece of suede paper, die cut the edges, added score tape. 
Finished!! Just need to add the ring to the inside and something to hold it closed.

Using a punch, I punched out holes and used rivets to attach the ring holder and latch to front.  Oh so happy.  Now onto the inside!!!  OOPS, this is where I realized my error.  So now what.  If I continued to make the insides, they would be very skinny and not of much use.  So I decided I needed an album that held the pages tighter to the spine.  The only option is to add rings like Tag Book that Tricia created, but was worried that the rings would get caught under the edge of the canvas.  So, out came my Bind-it all.

Option 2:

The covers are made the same, but there is no spine.  I measured, cut my chipboard and covered it with paper.  The difference here is measurements.  I am not visual, so I placed a finished notebook in the opening to see just how much room the ring took up.  That meant that I needed to adjusted my width to 4.75 inches.   I left the height at 5.5 inches.  Then I cut my paper into 6" squares.  Remember my discussion earlier about paying attention to directional paper.  TAKE NOTE!!  I did for this step but promptly forgot!!!

Paper glued on with Zyron, jig used to cut miter.   Folded over just like in previous album.

Paper was cut and adhered the same as on the first album, but much simpler without the spine.  Done with this step.  Back to making the insides!!

The Pages:

I chose to make three different types.  The first was clear plastic for pictures. I calculated my size, used a ruler and marker to mark out my "plan" and sealed the packets with this tool.

This is sold under many names. It is made by Memory Keepers.  This one is a Project Life model (all that Hobby Lobby carried).  In the past, I used my sewing machine which I think is still a better option for durability.  There is a learning curve with this tool, so practice.  Anyway, I cut my holders out of 8.5 x 11 inch acetate page protectors.  You could use picture protectors  too, but I just used what I had on hand.

The next style, involves cutting down an envelope.  I found one, I believe an A5, that worked great for width and cut off the top.
Glued down the flap. Added a tag or journaling block  from the kit to the back and a small envelope to the front.

Then I inserted a Manilla tags that had a ribbon or bow tied onto it.  I  stamped this with a journaling stamp.

The Third Envelope, I made from the paper in the kit.  
First I calculated the finished size.  I used the envelope to determine my finished size, so they would be the same.  Doubled this number and added 1/2 inch. Scored one end at the 1/2 inch mark and the from the other side, determined where the fold should be and scored.  This created an envelope.  Added score tape as in the picture.  Do not fold  and close yet!!

Next was the tab closure.  This was made by cutting a strip of paper, 1/4 inch shorter than opening and 2" wide.  Scored at 3/4", die cut the edge. Added Score-tape to the flap but Don't adhere yet.
Next I measured and punched a hole 2" from top of envelop and added a brad and closure.
Here the brad is attached.  To cover the brad on the inside and prevent things from "hanging up", I run a piece of velum through the Zyron and then die punch a circle.

Here the velum circle has been used to cover the brad legs on the inside.  This is burnished down well.  Now close the envelope and add the flap.

The flap went on the outside back of the envelope.  I found it best, to loosen the backing strip on the side opposite from the fold over on the envelop, start to adhere, stop, adhere the envelope closed, then finish the flap.  The flap can also be adhered onto the inside, but again I didn't think everything through and once I thought of it, I had all the Score-tape down.  

Final step:  Put all the pages and covers together, punch and finish with your binding wires.  Remember my caution about directional paper.  Make sure that you have this in perfect order before punching.  I did not and ended up making another back and then punched wrong and had to make another front.  Geez.  Lastly embellish and get it wrapped up for the intended receiver!  DONE

Photos of finished project.

Fits perfectly.  Embellished with leftover flowers, ribbon, more ribbon and medallion from kit.

The inside of the box was covered with paper.  The top you can see.  The bottom is covered with the same green paper that is the cover of this book.  
The hard part is who to give this to!  I need to make another I am thinking.  Hope you enjoyed this journey into Album and mixed media.  Next posting will be for the blog hop and I am making Cards!!!!  But in the meantime, I am making myself a cup of tea and knitting!!!

Your next stop is is Debbie.

Happy Crafting,
Club Scrap
Video of Box
Previous Blog Post: Making of the Trunk
With few exceptions: the brads, Bind-it all, envelopes, page protectors and ink, Everything came from ClubScrap: Navigation.  Did I mention how much I love this kit and stamps!!! Oh they are keepers.


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