Saturday, January 9, 2016

ColourArte Video: Creating a Pastel Background with Pigment Powders

I love pigment powders, but I don't like that in your face massive burst of color.  It doesn't matter which ones, they all have the same issue.  I have been playing with Primary Elements to see if I could get a softer look and had success.  I repeated the same process with Brusho and experienced similar results.  I did not try Color Burst as they are a similar powder type to Primary Elements, I am thinking this will work for them too.  How about you try them out and let me know!!!

Very soft.  I have the contrast and light adjusted as it was very hard to see in the photos.  In person, this is soft with the shimmer of mica that you get with the Primary Elements.  I do like my shimmer.

Here is another one, this one has more color in larger areas.  I prefer the first, primarily I am a card maker and want a background that doesn't steal the show.

The video shows the process in detail.  It is very simple.  Use a very light hand, find a way to remove excess powder and be careful with the water.  Dry between steps to prevent contamination of color.

YouTube Video Link :  Follow the link to watch the video.

Happy Crafting, see you next time when I turn this background into a card!

Primary Elements:  Azurite, Beachouse Blue, Ancient Coin, Blue Zircon
Water in sprayer, a straw, Heat tool, Water color Paper, Canson 140# Cold Press

Links:  ColourArte
ColourArte YouTube Channel

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