Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Club Scrap: Blog Hop in Paradise and More Pop Ups.

Time for another Monthly Blog Hop over at Club Scrap.  This month's kit is Paradise and it is a beauty.  But first, a few housekeeping items. You should have arrived here from:  Cheryl, or you can start at the beginning by clicking Here.

Let us do something different and show a short video clip of this months cards!

Card Preview on Youtube or Watch it here.

So lets look at these cards.  They look more complicated than they are.  But lets start with basic information.

For these cards I did use dies.  I am a fan of Karen Burniston and followed her as she moved from Sizzix to Elizabeth Craft.  For these cards I used two dies.  The circle Twist by Elizabeth craft and the label die from Sizzix which is now discontinued.  Her new Lorna Labels is similar and works the same way.  Here are the links:  Twist Circle Pop Up and Lorna Label.  If you have the original die, it is the one that fits into the Moves & Shapers platform.  I could not find a link or picture of just the die.  But I will direct you to some videos by Karen that show the die clearly.  Any Platform die is easily adapted to this project.

Ok:  Let us start.  I did all the coloring and creating of the platforms before starting.

Card 1:

Video inspiration:  This is a card by Karen that demonstrates the technique.  I will show you a few of the details.
This is the platform.  Straight forward.  Just followed the direction on the package insert.  The card base follows the video instructions for creating the magnetic closure.  I did alter the size of the card.

I stamped all the images on a single sheet, colored them with copics and then used my Brother Scan n Cut to cut them out.  Thank you Tina for leading me to this product, made my life much easier with all these images!!

The hardest part of this card was getting that Parrot to not look like he had been drinking.  The rotation of the platform makes adjustment difficult at times.  I use scotch tape and paperclips to check the position of the images and then permanently adhere.  It is important to check every addition to make sure it does not interfere with the mechanism.  After finishing it looked bare, so I added the arm in the back.  This is demonstrated in this video:  Arms for Circle Twist Cards.  If you pull down the menu there is a link to her blog and more photos of the cards and techniques.

Card 2:

This one is the most challenging, partly because there are so many moveable parts.  The inspiration for this card is a direct copy of a card that Karen posted 4 years ago.  I have used this technique on many cards, but the Jalopy is still my favorite.  The Paradise papers lent itself to this theme as well.
Jalopy video.  This one is helpful to go to the Web site and get a closer look at the spinner.

Once the platform was complete, time for the Jalopy.
I love this die from Sizzix.  Mine is nearly wore out, but I just use an xacto knife in the areas it no longer cuts.

The bumpers are made by multiple layers of embossing powder.  I wanted a Woodie, so used wood veneer for the sides.  Carefully scored, unfortunately, the wood popped up and left a wrinkle.  Oh well it is a jalopy.
The challenge here is to keep all the parts moving.  With every addition I had to readjust.  Finally had everything working, finished the card.  Went back in an added "Bliss to the platform, and boom stopped working!!

Ended up cutting away part of the platform behind the car and putting the word below the mechanism.  Added a message, inside done!
Next needed to add to backing card.  Do not put any glue or tape anywhere near the pop out or mechanism,  Baby powder helps to keep all the extra stickiness at bay.
When I make the backing card, I score in the center and then 1/8th inch away, this gives a bit more room over that edge.
This is not for any of these cards, but if you double click you can see the double scoring.

On the home stretch.  All that was left was to finish the front and add the clear panel.  Finished.
Not bad, Love this card, but wait,

 Card  3.

I love this card.  It is bright and happy.  My Son-in Law is Hawaiian and this will make a hit at their house for Christmas.  Although, come to think of it, I think parrots are from South America, and Flamingos are from Florida?.  Well the pineapple definitely is from Hawaii.

Again I used the platform technique from the first card with the arms.  This mechanism turns but predictably so.  Just had to make sure everything fit inside the card when closed.

Once the platform was built it was just a matter of adding the images and the tags.
Of course after I had the inside finished, I needed to go to the outside.  Note:  Do any stamping on the outside before finishing the inside!!

Now what!!  Well I was not going to make another one, especially since the inside was fine.

So I decided to make a tag to cover it.  This leads me to a great technique.

Cut out the label, stamp the sentiment on a scrap paper underneath.  Position the negative over the words until centered perfectly.

Pop the label back in and stamp.  Perfect.  Then I heat embossed it and of course did not clean off my tweezers after making the number from the previous card.  I ended up with a silver line across the tag.  Oh well, covered that up with a sequin.  But darn you could still see it.  So I made another tag and glued it over the pick one.  A fix!!
You can see the pink peaking out.  Bet you thought I meant to do that, now you know!!!

Thank you for stopping by. Your next stop is: Jennifer

Until next time,
Happy crafting,

Paradise, November 2016 Kit
Stamps from Paradise Kit


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