Saturday, November 28, 2015

Color Arte: Video. How to make a quick Christmas Card with Twinkling H20's

When I created the stained glass card for the recent Club Scrap Blog Hop, (see previous posting) I got to thinking about quick simple one layer cards that take little time but make a big splash.  Those cards you need for mass mailing or for teachers, co workers, etc.  While thumbing through my stamp collection, I noted several stamps that I have never used.  I like the look of them, but they are simple and are designed for stamping and very little coloring.  Why I keep buying them I have no idea, I think I am wanting to be simple but just can't help my self, LOL!

Anyway this technique is perfect for those stamps and when finished look more complicated than they are.  In the video, 5 minutes long, I stamp paint and assemble 3 cards.  I even made a big goof and showed how I salvaged the card and made it better.

After having read my last blog about embossing I won't elaborate here.  I will say that the embossing powder for the moose is a custom blend.  I took gold, brass and platinum to make a "more brown-tan" color. We mix paint all the time, why not embossing powders!!

If you look close at these, I have stray powder all over them.  These were for the video.  Didn't work with dumping a pile of baby powder and dusting it off on the video, looked like I was crafting in a smoke zone!!  I used an embossing powder tool and even with my paintbrush detailing, all of the stray flakes remained.  The bright lights and that it was raining outside didn't help.  Where are those dry hot Texas days when you need it.  Maybe I should not save my videoing for the last minute!!!!  Bottom line, follow the written instructions for embossing in the Club Scrap Blog Hop Tutorial and not the video example!

More shots:

Not that the coloring is not solid.  You are using the colored paper to add dimension and using the mica in the paint to add glitz.  But in person they are stunning.  Photo really doesn't do them justice.

The Video:  watch the video to see the cards being made.  Simple technique, hope you enjoy.

Happy crafting, 
until next time,

Links and supplies:

Stamps: Moose by Unity, Poinsettia by Heartfelt Creations, Sentiment by Stamping' Up
Embossing Powders:  Platinum, Princess Gold, Wow! Brass
VersaMark Ink
Baby Powder
Card stock:  80# Black, red, gold, platinum, and 110# white for the Card base.
Scrap of ribbon and cord

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