Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers, all from Scraps!!

Hi, today I am posting on behalf of Sweet Stamps.  This is a fun card.  All made from scraps or failed background attemps.   Whenever I am creating backgrounds, I make several.  Some work and some do not.  Also when I am stenciling, or playing with paint or ink on my craft sheet, I use a left over pieces of Water Color paper to mop up the excess paint/ink.  I keep these in a container.  You never know when there might just be the right combination of colors for a project.

A tip:  When purchasing Water Color Paper, buy the largest size sheets available and cut it down to size. I buy mine at Hobby Lobby or Michaels when they have the sale, and then cut them up at once.   I cut mine at 5 X 6 or 5 X 7 and store them together.  I leave a few the width of the paper by 5" wide (5 X 11 or so).  It is more cost effective than purchasing them pre cut.  Cutting them up saves on space and saves on time when you "just need another piece".  At the end of the cut there is always a 2+/- strip, I put these on my work bench and that is what I use for "mopping up".

Ok here is the Card!!
The entire card, including the ribbon was made from left overs and scraps.  
The base is a piece of water color card that I had watercolored.  It came out to purple for the project so was thrown into the bucket.

The flowers were die cut using various dies from Sweet Stamps:  Visit their blog for links to all the dies and stamps.  Sweet Stamps Blog

Here is an example of one of the papers that came out of my bucket.  This was a spray, direct application, I am thinking it is either a delusion or Calico Studio.

This sample is a failed background.  The paint was left on my craft sheet.  The paint had been applied to a stencil.  When the stencil was picked up, I sprayed the remainder with water and laid down a piece of paper.  Too much water and it bled, not distinct enough.  But makes great flowers.  

I flip over the paper and applied a piece of score tape to the back.  Then when die cut, all the parts are sticky.  
Here is another piece of sprayed paper, score tape has been added to back side, and then the dies are cut.  
Closer view.
The next part was tedious.  Some of the inside petals were swapped out with another die cuts petals.  This is where the score-tape came in handy.  I picked up the petal from one with tweezers and placed it into a different petal, inlaying.  The Score tape kept everything together.  Some I only used the frames and discarded the insides of the petals.  

On 2, I needed to use an additional piece of score tape.  I cut it into a square and applied it to the back of the flowers.  When I was done, I just cut "close" to the flower, removed the backing and dipped the flower into Glitz glitter.  Burnished in.  This gave me a halo of glitter around the flower and took care of the stickiness.  
 The flowers were arranged onto the mat card, a ribbon, that was left over from another project, was added to the bottom.  I found a piece of left over cardstock that had been misted with a gold spray, stamped the sentiment in black, heat embossed with a clear embossing powder, die cut and popped it up on the card.  Final step was to mount on a card base.  This too was retrieved from my scrap bin so that I could say this was a 100% scrap-paper card.  

A different view.  This card was difficulty to photograph with all the glitter and gold paint/ink, but in person it is a show stopper.

Thank you for stopping by,
Happy Crafting

Other supplies:  Various inks and dies
Strathmore 400 series, 140# Water Color Paper, Cold Press
Glitz glitter
Score tape
Seam binding
Black Pigment ink and Clear embossing powder

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